Poplet popcorn

May 16, 2019

When sharing a large box of popcorn with friends at the movies, one person holds the box while the rest will have to frequently grab handfuls of popcorn in the dark. Poplet allows you to simply tear and split the popcorn between six people. Poplet also saves you from the trouble of balancing a popcorn box and a drink, with a smart hollow in the middle so that you can carry both with just one hand.

This project was submitted for Asia Student Package Design Competition (ASPAC) 2017 under the theme of “Challenge” and was honoured with a  merit award.

Place your drink in the middle and easily carry everything in one hand
It can be shared as a pair, in a group of three and up to six people. Perforations in the design make it easy to split
Snacking at the movies has never been easier
Each tearable section features unique artwork that is not repeated