Manabu Manga

September 12, 2019

In Japan, manga is a part of everyday culture with a myriad of genres and varied readerships from young to old. “Gakushu manga” is one of the unexplored genres of manga known as “education manga” or “manga for study”. The Manabu Manga Project celebrates the diversity of how manga can share information through storytelling, visual language and its multimodality, allowing readers to learn while having fun. The word “Manabu”, meaning “to learn” in Japanese, embodies the versatility of manga. Extending beyond entertainment, it serves as an edutainment (education + entertainment) tool to aid learning both within and outside the classroom.

Manabu Manga had a mini exhibition for 5 days at the Jurong West Public library.

Shelf talkers

Gacha Machine gives out randomised educational manga recommendation
How is manga made? Traditional manga tools
Gachas / Capsules
Window Display outside Jurong West library
The window display features the theme of manga for everyone. Manga is something both young and old read in Japan.
The Lasalle Show

Lesson Plans