Fairprice Rebranding

May 16, 2019

The main Fairprice housebrand, has simple illustrations on photography for a clean look that stands out in a supermarket saturated with plenty of other packaging. Unlike most supermarkets, Fairprice more than one housebrand. Different housebrands for different target markets. A student rebranding and repackaging of the housebrands were created to reflect the value of the products, that you can have savings without compromising on quality.

The redesigned Fairprice logo is a simple logotype with a negative image of a tick. One Tick. One focus. One place, to get all the essentials you need under one roof.

The Fairprice magazine add value to the brand by introducing ways consumers can use Fairprice goods and provide ideas for cooking and household useage
Fairprice House brand
Fairprice Value: A minimal no frills take on a housebrand for those on a budget. Value for money.
Fairprice Pasar & Pasar Organic: Featuring motifs like the sun and hands. Pasar brings the freshness of nature in a convenience pack. The packaging reflects the hands of the famers, picking the fruits and handing them over to the consumers